Companion Cube

This was a side-project to get familiar with Substance Painter again after some time of absence. I tried to keep the cube rather clean without too much wear and dirt, but with such plain forms and textures that was a really hard thing to pull off without it looking too bland. I hope I found a nice middleground with the result.

I also tried to stay as close to the original as possible (with the exception of the little Company imprint on the back).

I’m not sure anymore but I guess it took me around 10-15 hours to finish it. I created a bevelled high-poly as well that I 3D printed eventually without roughly 960k triangles due to the many bevels. The low-poly version comes in at 5.828 triangles, which could certainly be optimized way more but since I did the low-poly only for fun and not for any real game project I didn’t bother. 😋

3D Viewer

Additional Renders