It always seems those

little things

they make the biggest part of me.

Latest Projects

Castle Ravenloft Starting Tile cover image
Castle Ravenloft Starting Tile

Low-poly game asset for a board game in the Tabletop Simulator (Unity Engine)

UpTime cover image

A top-down rogue-like shooter implemented in the Unreal Engine 4 during a game jam.

SG-1 Stargate cover image
SG-1 Stargate

The Stargate from the TV series Stargate SG-1 modelled in high-poly for 3D printing.


Website Relaunch!


The website has finally been relaunched after roughly 18 years since its original launch in 2004. It was rebuild from the ground up with the focus being simplicity and speed, so I neither use much JavaScript nor any web frameworks.

The Technology

The biggest framework in use is Bootstrap 5 to make the website accessible and fully responsive. Apart from that it's basically plain HTML and CSS. Of course, I didn't really handcraft every single HTML page. Rather, I used a cool, new static site generator (SSG) called Astro. This allows me to dynamically generate content like the portfolio overview page and the portfolio category pages, including comfort features like pagination, by writing "offline" JavaScript that tells Astro how to compile my website. The end result then, when I build the website, is a good, old-fashioned static HTML site.