It always seems those little things, they make the biggest part of me.

... or, how to say hello in japanese.

Site revised Sat, 24.03.12
Some time has passed since the last update of this site and there was quite a lot of old stuff floating around here. Therefore I cleaned up the site a little bit, removed some old stuff and added a new link to my software portfolio blog.
Michael, 2:24 P.M.

Studies section added Fri, 27.01.06
Because I wrote a script for a subject of my studies, I added a section at which you can download the script and all possibly following scripts I'll write in my years of study. The section and scripts are written in german.
Michael, 1:15 P.M.

First storytales added Tue, 12.07.05
Well, it didn't take very long, for I needed a good distraction from my studies. *grin*
If you are capable of german, you can read the tales of Tanuir Nachtwind, the elven paladin, Jackel, the elven ranger or Dimble Dachkrack, the halfling bard. Be sure to take a look at it!

Update: I've added downloadable PDFs.

Michael, 8:10 P.M.

Blog added Tue, 12.07.05
I added a online blog today. You can visit it here. I have no idea how frequently I will update it, but feel free to register yourself and comment my stuff.

Note: The blog is written in german. Sorry guy's, but I'm to lazy to write it in english. ^^

I'm planning on having a section about some fictions I wrote, too. Fictions about some roleplay characters I played. (Yep, I'm a Roleplayinggamer. D&D, DSA, Shadowrun and that kind of stuff).

Michael, 4:14 P.M.

Website has gone online! unknown date
Well, actualls this new entry was inserted a really long time after the website really went online. ;)
To be more precise, I just wanted to see how the news block looks like when there are more news entries.

Have a nice day *g*

Michael, unknown time